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Play craps online and have a chance of winning for any player

Play craps online and have a good chance of winning

We present to your attention craps – one of the most fascinating and ancient gambling games. She appeared on the street (the so-called street craps), and then moved to ground-based gaming clubs and real pokies online.

In this entertainment, users are attracted by the dynamism of the parties, the high chances of winning due to the small advantage of the casino, as well as the ability to use various strategies to achieve success.

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How to play craps and win often

At first glance, the game may seem very confusing. However, understanding the basic principles, you will see that there are not so many rules. The playing field is a special table with high sides and markings, which defines the cells for bets. The main attributes are two cubes, which depict points in the range from one to six on each of the six faces. The goal of the player is to predict the combination that the dice form.

In land-based casinos, customers roll dice in turn; in the online version, the random combination is determined by the random number generator. At first, everyone places bets on different sectors of the game table. To do this, left-click on the chip with which you want to place a bet. Then you need to select the desired betting area with the left mouse button. In this case, the type of bet and its size will be displayed on the screen. For training, you can run a demo version.

Bet Types: passline and don’t passline There are about 40 different bets in the game, which require considerable experience to understand. Consider two basic betting options that we recommend starting with:

Betting on even money is a passline. She assumes that the size of the possible win is equal to the size of the bet. The user who rolls the dice is called the “shooter.” Before this player completes his first roll (come out roll), others can bet passline on the first throw made by the shooter. To get a win, the shooter must knock out a sum of points equal to 11 or 7. Such throws are called natural and double the money delivered.

If the total score is 2, 3 or 12, then this leads to a loss, which is called craps. If the shooter throws out any other number of points, then this amount is called point. Then the shooter performs another shot. If the amount of points received is equal to the number of points, then the players receive a reward. If the shooter throws 7, then all bets are automatically transferred to the casino account.

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Don’t passline is a bet that is often called incorrect: it has rules that are opposite to those mentioned above. To get a win, you need to get a sum of points of 2, 3 or 12. If this amount fell on the first roll out out roll, then the win will be double the amount of the bet. If the dice show any other amount, then it becomes a point number. With further throws, the players hope that the seven falls (unlike the previous pass line rule), since when the point number appears, their bets are burned.

In addition to these bets, there are other varieties of them: hardways, field, big 8, proposition, big 6 and others. They serve to diversify the process for experienced players who have already mastered passline and don’t passline.

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