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Craps Online: How the Roll of the Dice Controls Your Payouts

Craps online: develop your intuition to win the best dice game

Dice casino games may be not the most popular one, however, they have totally occupied a particular niche and won the heart of many casino players. High tension and incredible thrill are guaranteed for you, since the online craps game totally depends on the pure chance of dice rolling. If you guess the right numbers on dice, you are going to be on the roll!

How to play craps online

Craps seem complicated at the beginning, so many players are simply afraid to try them. However, if you learn the rules, it becomes much clearer. This American game uses two dice, and you make your bets against the casino on the results of these dice rolling. You win, if you guess right.

Different dice combinations have different odds that can be calculated using the craps payout chart. Knowing probabilities cannot guarantee you winning, but it can at least increase your chances. And if you want to become a proficient player in craps, this probability data is incredibly crucial for you in order to develop your own strategy of placing bets and minimize your losses.

Betting cells on the craps online table

The craps table is zoned for the following types of bets:

  • Pass bet;
  • Don’t Pass bet; Pass and Don’t Pass bets have the biggest chances of payout;
  • Any Seven –on a seven;
  • Craps –on a two, three and twelve;
  • Place bet –on a four, five, six, eight, nine and ten rolled before a seven;
  • Lay bet –on a seven rolled before a chosen number;
  • Field bet –on a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve to be next;
  • Hard bet –on a number made by two same dice sides.

After betting, each round can be divided in two phases: “come-out” “point”. The first shot is come-out, and depending on its result the point shot may or may not be triggered. If the dice stop at a two, three or twelve, the win goes to ‘don’t pass’ wages. If they stop at a seven and eleven, ‘pass’ wages are successful. Any other number means that there is going to be the point shot, which sets the point number for ‘pass’ bets to succeed, if this number appears prior to a seven.

Best casinos to play craps game online

In order to receive the best craps gambling experience, it is wise to choose the casino among the best ones. Such a list is based on the reputation of the casino, its safety and fairness, offered bonuses and promotions, the quality of the customer support and many more factors. The best casinos for craps are:

  1. Royal Vegas Online Casino, number on for craps online;
  2. Spin Casino;
  3. Jackpot City Online Casino;
  4. Gaming Club Casino;
  5. Platinum Play Casino.

All of them are great to win big in craps due to great bonuses and positive atmosphere. And if you are just a beginner in gambling, try free online craps in order to learn first and test your luck.

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