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Craps odds for player

Before understanding which bets should be made and which should be avoided, it is important to understand the mathematical foundations of the frequency of occurrence of certain values. You probably already know that a shooter has only two dice with six values (1 – 6) on each.

Variations of odds and payouts for the player

The chances of throwing a certain value on one particular bone are equal to one sixth, since there are only six values. Raise this to the second power and get thirty-six possible combinations of values. Most often (in every sixth case) seven will fall out in craps, and that’s why. Regardless of the value of one bone, the chance to get on the second bone the value needed for the sum of seven is equal to one sixth.

For example, if you threw six on the first bone, then on the second bone you need a unit, and this will happen in every sixth case. If there is a deuce on the first bone, then you have one chance out of six to throw a five on the second bone. This works regardless of what fell on the first bone. Craps odds bet may vary, so you need to choose the best tactics.

Tips and secrets of the successful game to increase the chances of success

The chances of losing six or eight are the same, they are less than seven. This is explained as follows: if there is six on the first bone, then there cannot be a total of six, since the minimum value of the bone is one. Similarly, it is impossible to get eight if the unit dropped on the first bone, because the maximum value of the bone is six.

It follows that six and eight fall out in one of 7.2 cases. Best odds in craps allow the player to win a large amount of money. In the future, the chances of getting into a certain amount are reduced. You have one out of nine chance to get five or nine, one out of twelve chance to get three or eleven.

It is easy to calculate how often the result of a throw is two or twelve. In the first case, you need both bones to show unity, and this happens in one of thirty-six cases. Here, the probability of a unit falling out on the first bone is simply multiplied with the probability of a unit falling out on the second bone. The calculation is also made for the twelve. Odds of winning craps has the ability to pre-calculate. Now that we’ve calculated the probabilities of a specific amount falling out, let’s talk about good and bad crap rates.

First of all, you should always avoid bets on seven. Although this amount falls more often than others, according to the odds of most casinos, you play with an advantage of 16.7%. In other words, if you bet seven $ 100 per session, then your average expected loss is $ 16.70. What are the odds in craps, you can calculate in advance before the game.

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