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Since gambling is primarily a matter of luck, dice were the most effective means of generating a chance before the advent of any technology. The ability to create dice outstripped the ability to create cards: any stone can be a dice, whereas to make cards you need paper.

Thus, Craps belongs to the casino dice games, but its history started ages ago. People used to throw stones, special plates, and even various other things to tell fortune, foresee future, or simply to entertain themselves. Now, this game can bring players big money. Real land casino gamblers earn a lot at their beloved Craps play table. The game is also offered by most internet casinos. Besides, some gambling sites offer their visitors train Craps for free and master it in a Demo mode before they make real money bets.

Craps free games

craps game

As it was mentioned above, a bunch of virtual casinos attract their new clients offering them to play free Craps, remember the table layout and increase their odds for a future real money win. Besides, mobile players that use iPhones and Androids can download the game simulators and play it for fun even if they are offline. This type of game will never bring money, but it will give people something that is better: the experience. Further, an experienced gambler, who remembers everything about the rules and even knows when and how to apply various strategies, will have a higher chance to win Craps in comparison with a person, who never tried this dice game in a demo mode. Free game of this type cannot be ever found at a land casino; it can be always played only on the internet (or with friends, with real dice).

Craps for money

There are several variants to win money choosing this game of chance:

  • To play Craps in a land casino;
  • To play live Craps online dealing with a real croupier;
  • To find interesting slots of this type and make bets.

As soon as this game has now several versions, it is interesting for all groups of players.

Craps versions

This classic game has got modifications: each player picks his own favorite. Here they are:

  1. Crapless Craps. This variant was created by Bob Stupak. Playing it, the gambler will never lose anything if he bets on a Pass.
  2. Open (Private) Craps. The sense of it is as follows: the shooter places his chosen bet in the center. The rest of the players use the center of the playing field as well. When the shooter rolls the bet called Come Out, the game goes on like classic Craps.
  3. High Point Craps. The house edge of this Craps table casino game here is 2.35%, and the rules are similar to the classic variant of the game. However, if a player rolls 12 or 11, he can win even bet that is 1:1.

Besides, such versions like New York, and Simplified Craps for beginners are very popular.

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